The UPDATE – January 15, 2016

Your Profile In The LRI Website “Our Agents”

On the front page of our LRI website, we have a section called “Our Agents” that will be replaced with what you see in the link below.

The following link is private, not open to the public. The link below brings you to a “Staging” or “Test Area” so your profile can be looked at by you and fixed by me before it is open to the public this Friday January 15, 2016.

Everyone, please click HERE and look at your  profile.  The link works I just tested it several times.  Or you can copy/paste the following into your url.

If you do not have a picture by your name or have a better one than what you see, then please send it to me asap.  Pictures should be of good quality.  The higher the pixel count the better.

Headshots are not always the best.  A bust photo or even further back is better.  Send several photos to me if you like.

MOST telephone numbers will be incorrect for now. I know, “no worries”, I will fix the telephone numbers later.

Under your profile it likely says you only speak English. If you speak more than English, I know what it is and the additional language(s) you speak will be added before we go live with the Agent Profile.

Biographies can only be around 75 words long.  If you do not have a biography to the right of your name, please send me one asap.  Preferably real estate related.  If not anything else will do.  MANY BIOGRAPHIES are too long.  Please shorten your biography to around 75 words.

Agents with no or a poor photo will be put near the end of the list.

Agents without a biography will be put near the end of the list.

Agents with too long a biography will be shortened to about 75 words.

Otherwise the list is in alphabetical order according to your 1st name.

I am aware the browser Microsoft Edge is underlining and dead linking telephone numbers.  I am repairing that issue.

Thank you for your attention to making your profile look professional.

 Listing Commission


On line #99 of the listing agreement, this is where you put the total commission.  For example, 6%.

“Follow the money”.  The property owner gives us 6%.  At closing we (LRI) give the cooperating broker 3%.

Therefore it is critically important you put the total commission of 6% on line #99 of the listing agreement.

You do not, not, not, not put 3% online #99.  This could cost you your entire commission.

The total commission must go on line #99.  If you accidentally put 3% on line #99 then the owner is only obligated to pay us 3%.  If you have in the MLS that we are going to pay a cooperating broker 3% then you keep nothing for yourself and LRI receives nothing.

Your 2016 Real Estate Sales Goals

If you have not already set up your goals for 2016, please see the linked Goal Setting Form by clicking HERE.

If you would like training, there is a list of all of the items you can be trained on, on our website.

Brief Notes & UPDATES

It was brought to my attention that an agent put on her calendar a weekly reminder to go to the website and check the Brief Notes & UPDATES just in case one does not make it into her e-mail inbox.

Here are a couple of tips to make sure the Brief Notes & UPDATES always come through.

“Lenson Realty, Inc.” is always first in the subject line. So you can set your email to accept anything with “Lenson Realty, Inc.” (without the quotes) to come through to you.

If you are using webmail (ISP) then you can “White List” thereby allowing anything coming from me to come through.

Home Inspectors

When recommending home inspectors, you must recommend a minimum of three qualified inspectors.  I will be posted on our website Home Inspectors that have been inspecting properties longer than the twenty-nine years I have been practicing real estate.

If you have a top-quality home inspector you would like to add to the last, please let me know.

Calling Associations


The following bears mentioning again.  We as agents do not call any type of an Association.  If the property owner or a prospective purchaser needs information, the customer calls the Association or the management company representing that subdivision.

We as agents never, never, never, never, never, ever call any type of Association.

It does not matter which side of the transaction you are on.

It does not matter if the customer is in the submarine, on the moon, lives in the middle of South Africa, is in a different time zone, that the property was never seen by the customer, it is in foreclosure, a short sale, the customer lives in Germany and has never been to the USA, etc. We as agents never, never, never, never, never call any type of Association.

There are no exceptions to this.

3) It is not the real estate agents job to call any Association.

4) When in agent makes the major error of getting information from an Association and passes the information on, it creates a massive liability situation where I cannot protect you as the agent and it opens LRI to liability.

UPDATE Editing

UPDATES are typically edited by my wife Annmarie.  She is out of town on a family matter and is unable to edit this UPDATE.  So if there are syntax or spelling errors, I will take full responsibility.  Although with her being out of town maybe I can just blame her.  LOL.  Shhh.


They Work.  All link are tested and work when this UPDATE is sent out.  Either mouse over a link and then “click” it or mouse over the link and hold down your Control Key (and while holding it down) “click” the link.

In the rare occasion your link is not activated, it is likely due to a security setting on your computer.

Help Line   (561) 756-7002

For any questions, call the Help Line as often as you need, 7 days a week.

Put the help line in you cell phone.

No matter how big or small your question is, no matter how often you have already called the Help Line, still call, call, call.

It does not matter how basic your question is.  If you have a question, call.

It is a good idea to put the Help Line phone number in your cell phone.

It is immensely easier for us to talk about any real estate-related matter which could become an issue than it is to solve a problem after the damage has already been done.

Hitting “redial” will not call me back to reach me.  When you need me, call (561) 756-7002.  Please put that number in your address book.

The Mark Lenson Mantras

Calling Associations:

Customers call Associations (Condo’s, Homeowners, or Cooperatives) never the real estate agent.

It does not matter where the customer is living, it does not matter if the property is a foreclosure or a short sale.  There are no exceptions.  Customers and only customers call Associations.

Use Specific Dates:

When the P&S Contract refers to September 15, 2015, it is very clear.  When a P&S Contract says something must be done within 20 days from the effective date… then not so clear.

What is the effective date? I have never found an agent who actually knew the definition of an effective date.

What days are included?

What days are excluded?

How are dates calculated?

Using business days? Calendar days?

How are holidays handled? Which ones are included?  Which ones are excluded?  The P&S Contract references national legal holidays.  Do you know which ones are the national legal holidays? That would be critically important to know.

If you use specific dates, then all of the unknown, all of the confusion, all of the calls I get that someone is out of contract will go away. You and all parties involved will have less headaches.

No Blanks, No Blanks, No Blanks:

No listing agreement, no purchase and sale contract, and no addenda should have any blanks in them.


When an agent leaves a blank on a document, it is unpleasant when another party fills it in with something not agreed upon by all parties.  Now you have an argument between sellers and buyers because the agent left a blank in the document.

No blanks, no blanks, no blanks.

If It Is Not In Writing, It Never Happened:

It does not matter where you are, it does not matter who the witnesses are; in the transfer of real property, if it is not in writing then it never happened.  It does not matter if you are talking over the telephone, it does not matter if you are talking nose to nose, it does not matter if you are talking into a plastic cup attached by a string……… if it is not in writing it never, never, never happened.

If something was agreed to verbally, then follow it up with an addendum, a text message or an email confirmation.


As always, call us on the Help Line (561) 756-7002 anytime.


If there is anything in particular you would like for me to review

either via the UPDATE or Brief Note, let me know.


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Warmest & Best Regards To You,

Mark Lenson 

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