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Be A TRUE Independent Contractor.  Learn directly from the Broker who has closed well over 800+ properties.

Plus we have fantastic splits.

Become a Lenson Realty, Inc. agent today!

Become A Lenson Realty, Inc. Agent

Why should you become an Lenson Realty, Inc. agent and what are the benefits…?

We are a full-service company entering our 20th year offering real estate agents the opportunity to be true independent contractors with the highest level of support, and training.

YOU keep the ENTIRE COMMISSION except for only $395.00*

With Lenson Realty, Inc. this is how it works:

$500,000 @3%
– $395.
YOU KEEP $14,605.

*For Experienced Agents.  And $95 for rentals.  We also offer an 80/20 program for new or less experienced agents.  Call us at at (561) 750-0005 for details and a confidential interview.

There are: NO desk fees.  NO administration fees.  NO franchise fees.  NO surprise fees.  NO mandatory floor time.  NO roll-backs.  NO paying for other people’s retirement plans, sick leave, expensive overhead that does not benefit YOU.  Why?  You are an Independent Contractor and are treated like one, keeping virtually all of what you earn.  Talk to one of our agents about us.  You will find them smiling all the way to the bank. Again and again.  Put the money you earn into YOUR pocket.