Looking for an experienced agent?

Lenson Realty, Inc. has over 115 agents in five counties here in Florida.  Give us a call and we will put you in contact with an experienced agent.  Call us at (561) 750-0005

Is renting a waste of money?

Absolutely not.  Everyone has different needs and circumstances, so renting can be the perfect thing for you.

Ask your Lenson Realty, Inc. agent to explain the pro’s and con’s depending upon your needs.

Is there ever a bad time to buy?

Typically no.  Every Buyer has different needs, motivations, and unique circumstances to purchase a home.  Talk with one of our experienced Lenson Realty, Inc. agents for information.

Should I allow an electronic lockbox to be used on my home?

Almost always YES!  Your Lenson Realty, Inc. agent will know every time someone shows your house.  No one will enter without permission.  You can still request to be notified before a showing if you like.

The lockbox allows for easier access increasing your number of showings to customers.

There is also a computerized record of the agents showing your property.  Not having a lockbox decreases the number of showings a property would normally have.

How can I be sure which schools are assigned to the area I want to buy in?

Just click on the Area & Schools button on our home page.  It’s up to you, the Buyer to make absolutely certain of that information by contacting the school board directly.